Friday, 7 December 2018

2018 Reflection In Room 6

This is my 2018 Reflection in room 5 and Room 6 This has Been a Amazing Year And ive really enjoyed Working with everyone in Both Of  Classes And Espeacialy My Teachers The easy thing was what i work done and the hard thing was Looking Back thorough out the whole year to find all the Information For it Because its Been a Awesome year with Both of the Classes Next step is to My Make it even Bigger and Better Bye till next time blog you later

Monday, 3 December 2018

Raft Making For our Raft Races

 Last Week In our School We have Been Foucusing On Buoyancy And to test that We are making Rafts the Instructions were that you had to be in a group of 4 and it had to Float And Because we are going to the Collage  Pool we can only use Clean Woods like Bamboo and our Turned out Really well and all the other groups well Mostly there Broke If you would liketo see the other Peoples Blogs that helped me with it there Blog Address is

Wisteria Carrow

One Day A Auction Was  Happening  on Smith Street  In the Town  of Monganui And Tons Of People had Arived  But there was one  Person That was Most Interested In Buying things at the Auction   And his name was Matt And he was a Milion air With tons of cash that he could Buy Everything There was at the Auction So he looked Around and couldnt Find anything he wanted Until he saw something that he though couldnt be real So he made sure No one was looking and went Around the Corner that he saw the Object But it wasn't there  20 Years Latter after Matt had seen the Object he had a Son and his name was Tom One day when Toms Parents were out he was busy cleaning his Room he was hanging his Jackets up and he saw that there was water  all over the Floor  so he Looked for what was causing all the water coming out of the Closet  and he couldnt Belive his eyes it was Coming out of a Panting  when Tom went and grabed a towel to wipe the water up his whole room was Flooded  \About 10 Minutes Later When Matt got home Tom told his father Matt  But as Soon as Matt walked in the Room  It was gone Again ....

Friday, 23 November 2018

Buoyancy By Tunisia Tahlya and Payton

Hi  Everyone This Blog Post is about My Buoyancy Inquiry  that I did with my Friends Tunisia and Payton About what sinks and Floats The easy thing was  Writting it because we already had tons of information The hard thing was nothing and i dont have a next step if you would like to See the people who helped me with it there Blog Address is and  so check there blogs out to Bye till next time

Monday, 19 November 2018

The Magic Library

One day   When a Journalist Landed on a Plane One Evening Well she was getting her Bags she Overheard   Two people talking about A Mystical Library So she went and Chatted With them About It So the next Day she was Determinant to Find the Mystical Library   

Monday, 12 November 2018

Magic Biscuits

One day A man named Bob got home he got a Surprise When he Walked into his back Yard with his dogs Dinner he saw that his dogs where much bigger then they were when he left for work that Morning That he dropped the food and ran inside with shock and went for a sleep when he woke up he thought it was just a dream and it was

Friday, 2 November 2018

Room 5&6 Assembly

This Morning at 10 oclock we had our Class assembly Which was about Holllaween And when each Class has there Assembly you had 4 Items and WE Picked the Dance Rave in the grave amd Un Loco Poco and The grattest Song and Something Else and it was Really Fun to do with my Class Full of Years 6 7 And 8s and It was so Fun

Monday, 29 October 2018


One day a diver saw something strange some type of Creature So we Swam over to see what he had Discovered But then the Creature Disappeared   So the Diver Followed were the Creature Swam and Suddenly When he swam though it felt like he was in a different world and in fact he was he had to make sure it was real so he swam back up to the Surface to Ask his other Diver To come with him to See if what he saw was real But when he tried to Find it again it had Vanished Before his Eyes So the next day ....

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Moari Puzzle

This is my Moari Puzzle the trick is you have to be blind folded when you do it and you and your partner have to say the Directions in Moari and they say it  to you It was really hard and Weird my next step it to do Different Directions

Friday, 19 October 2018

Reading Bouyancy

Hi everyone  Its Tahlya and this is my Second Blog Post for this week and its about Bouyancy i hope you guys enjoy Bye

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Spelling Term 4

This is my Spelling That we get every Monday and this weeks one was1. Find 20 words that have this spelling pattern in them. Put these words into alphabetical order.
2. Dictation
I hope you guys injoy Blog you latter


One Day A man named Tomas Was Wondering what to do  The next day when he got home from a hard days work he was Exhausted so he Went inside and fell asleep on the couch About a  few hours after  he woke up his fingers started Feeling strange like he could do strange things and he was very Curious so he picked up a wooden chair that he was  ... When he picked it up he didn't have to because it was floating above him Suddenly all of the chairs in is house started floating Then he Realiesed  What he could do with his new Powers he wondered if he could pick anything else up so he tried because he was very Curious what he could  do so he tried and he was astonished he felt like he was the Luckiest man alive and it turned out he was

The end i hope you enjoyed my Story the easy thing was Writting it because it was really fun the hard thing was Trying to find a Awesome picture And i dont have a next step if you would like to see the site i got the picture it is called and you can find a picture for your birthday or you can just pick a ramdom Picture i hope you enjoy it Blog you later

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

My Te Reo Selfie

Thisis my Te Reo Selfie that we have been doing in class for the last 2-3 weeks and it was pretty fun to do but hard because i cant speak in moari that good so i ope yous enjoy Blog you later Bye

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Drug and Alcohol Education - Beer goggles

Last Week in Class we Carried on with our Drug and Alcohol Lessons So that when we get older we wont be into Drugs and Alcohol For this lesson we had the Chance to use Beer goggles  So it will make your Vision Blury and these are a few people who did it are on the video It was Half easy and Half Challenging But it was very enjoying and everyone else did to so what we had to do was First walk with no goggles and see what our time was then we  had to do it with the goggles and we had to try bet our First time the easy thing was to do it without the glasses and the hard thing was doing it with the glasses My Next step is to do it under 1min 20sec for the time i do it

Monday, 27 August 2018

Maths Eyes

This is my Maths Eyes For this week so all we have to do is find a Picture and then Write about it so thats what we do on Monday hope you Enjoy Blog you Latter

Friday, 24 August 2018

My Kawakawa Pamphlet

This is What my group had to do if you cant see by the Pictures My Reading group had to make a Pamphlet about our Town Kawakawa and this is mine i ope you enjoy it Blog you latter

My Pepha

Tuhia ki te  Rangi
Tuhia ki te Whenua
Tuhia ki te Ngakua o te Tangata
Ko te mea nui
Ko te Aroha
Tihei wa Mauri ora

Ko Ruapekapeka tōku maunga
Ko Taumarere tōku awa
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua tōku waka
Ko Nukutawhiti toku kaihautu.   
Ko Ngapuhi tōku iwi
Ko Ngati hine tōku hapu
Ko Rahiri Raua Ko Hineamaru Oku  Whare Tupuna
Ko Tumanako tōku marae
Ko Steven  tōku Pāpā
Ko Marissa tōku māmā
Ko Pikiora raua Ko Anaya tōku tuakana
Ko Learah  tōku teina
Ko  Karlin raua Ko Pone toku tungane

Ko  Tahlya tōku ingoa
This is My Pepha We Did yesterday what we had to do was Add the Captain of our Waka and our Tupuna so you wilk see that i added those in so thats what i  had to do Yesterday Blog you latter

Maths Eyes week 5

This Week on Monday we did Maths eyes So what we have to do is  to do is we have a Picture and then we get the Colours Shapes and Then we get to make up our own Questions and then thats habout it

Friday, 17 August 2018

Rm 5 + 6 carpool karaoke 2018

This Week Room 5&6 ad our assembly and  This week one of our Items The song that my group Choose was The Fresh Price of Be-lair The easy thing was to pick out the song the hard was to get the Right moves  and Remember them Too Please comment And enjoy and Watch out for our Song Blog you Latter

Rm 5 + 6 carpool karaoke 2018

This Week Room 5&6 ad our assembly and  This week one of our Items The song that my group Choose was The Fresh Price of Belair Please comment And enjoy and Watch out for our Song Blog you Latter

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

My Student Conffrence

This is my Student Conffrence That we did to show our Parents Last week so we did and it went really well the easy thing was getting all the evadince the hard thing was trying to think of the goals But it was really easy Bye till next time Blog you latter

Monday, 30 July 2018

Te Reo Maori

In my class this week we are carrying it on from last term i hope you get to learn maori to it's really easy E aha ana _____________? E _____________ ana ____________
What are _______ doing?                              verb

The things you say are are on the slide the easy think was saying it and there was no ard think hope you like this Blog Post Blog you latter

Friday, 27 July 2018

Shark Fact File

This is my Blog Post about A Shark Fact file That my Reading  Group did Yesterday the easy think was to find all the information that was really easy the hard thing was actually nothing so all together it was a easy task

Friday, 29 June 2018

My Waitangi Experience

In week 7 the year 7s inclueding me went to waitangi to learn about the treaty and everything else there i think next week i will be pulishing another thing that we made on  VR ( Virtual  Reality ) and a website called tinkercad i cant wait for all you guys to see it so have a read of my latest blog post i hope you enjoy 

Friday, 22 June 2018

My Narritive Writing

Hi everyone its Tahlya again and in my class we have been doing Narritive Writting and we had 4 pictures and this one is mine i hope you like it BYE till next time 

Monday, 11 June 2018

My World Record

This is my world record that we did with a school kit for kids My world Record was Most jumps on your right foot in 30 seconds we also did a human benchmark and then we had to go with 2 more people Payton.Tunisia so i hope you enjoy this Bye till next time BYE!!!!!!

Friday, 8 June 2018

What Are We Doing To Our World?

This is my class video about what are we doing to our world we did it on a green sceen for our weekely assembaly we have been focusing on rubbish sience the begining of the term and this is what we came up with i hope you enjoy our class video plz comment on our class site the plz comment on my blog too bye till next time everyone

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

My Bullying Poster

This is My Bullying poster we have been focusing on bullying at my school and this is what this is about I hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 23 May 2018


This is my Writting from week 2 We have been learning about Explain writing and it is about

Week 2: How Rubbish affects our Waterways ,Wildlife and Land

I hope you enjoy Please comment

Monday, 21 May 2018


This is My spelling Activity About the sound SH and these are the words i came up with we had to find all the words we could find and These are Mine I hope you like it Please Leave a Comment Bye for next time every One

Friday, 18 May 2018


This is The History of Cheese we did it in Our TECHNOLOGY we do every Thursday morning and we are doing A Cheese Prodject I hope you Enjoy 

Thursday, 10 May 2018


This is my Maths for this week it was about Rubbish and the 2 main people were Hone & Mane  and in the  problems they  pick up all the Rubbish and make it in to meter and i hope you like it plz comment and see you next time everyone

Wednesday, 2 May 2018


At school today we did maths in room 6 with  miss Henare we were doing the Place Value  with Hundreds,Tens and Ones  I hope you like it please comment bye for next time everyone

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Lollies Lollies Lollies

 this is my blogpost about a maths problem called lollies lollies lollies  this is the maths problem  the easy thing was not very much the hard thing was a lot of it my next step is to make it bigger but this time its just going to be small i also worked on it wit my friend payton if you would like to check out her blog her address  is       and guy thats it for now bye

Monday, 26 March 2018


this is our maths it was our problem and the problem is called Socks the easy thing was everything the hard thing was nothing my next step is to make a video but i like it like this more 

Friday, 16 March 2018


1 Regular Exercise
7 Improves ability to deliver oxygen to cells
5 Strengthens heart muscles
4 Beats Faster ,Breathe Harder
2 For extended periods of time
3 During aerobic exercise
6 Devolves endurance  

Everyday you  should Regularly Exercise outdoors it will make you fit and last for extended periods of time , during aerobic Exercise  well you do you heart beats Faster and you breathe harder while you work on a workout it also strengthens your heart muscles and Develops endurance and Improves your ability to deliver oxygen into your cells   

This is my Exercise Writing the easy thing was every thing the hard thing was nothing either so it was very easy this time BYE for now

Friday, 9 March 2018


This is my shark fact file me and my class did it last week
the point was to know a little bit about them the hard thing
was to get all the question in the right order because my teacher
kept rubbing them off the board the easy thing was actually
most of it.  My next step is to make it bigger and not just 6
question but to do 8 instead. See you guys later bye for now.

Facts into paragraphs- Sharks

In all, oceans except for the arctictartic  we're it is too cold for sharks . Sharks don't like the cold much at all  there are also 250 different species of Sharks but there is only 30 sharks that kill humans .Some of them also still look the same as they live  160 Million years ago .They are identified by their dorsal fin, two rows of teeth ,their large black eyes and their sleek shape. Sharks are almost any size from 15centemerers to 15 meters . The Shark almost eats any animal it can find in the water including its own species .It's has great eyesight in the water too and amazing smell in the water .

Friday, 2 March 2018


This is my Kawa Of Care it was made by me and my Friend Tunisia if you would like to check out her blog her address is   it is about keep food and drink away from your Chrome Book  or it wont  work any more the easy thing was making it and there was no hard thing my next step is to make it bigger and thats it for today BYE everyone

My 3rs at school ( Respect,Responsible,Resilience)

this is my 3rs  about it is with a man name Horrace that teaches kapa haka at my school and we had to do a little project about it the easy thing about it was getting the information from everyone that participated in the activity the hard thing was actually  there was no hard thing just thinking about it now my next step is to make it into a big video i hopped you liked it BYE it was made by best Friend Payton her blog adress is bye

Friday, 16 February 2018

My Pepha

This is my toku pepha i hope you enjoy

Ko ruapekapeka tōku maunga
Ko taumarere tōku awa
Ko ngatukmatawhaoruatōku waka
Kotumanako tōku marae
Ko ngati hinetōku hapu
Ngapuhi tōku iwi

Ko steven  tōku Pāpā
Ko Marissa tōku māmā
Ko pikiora and anaya tōku tuakana
Ko learah  tōku teina
Ko  tōku tuahine/tungāne ( sibling of the opposite gender)

Ko  tahlya tōku ingoa

Friday, 9 February 2018

My I am Poem

This is my i am poem today we my class room 6 and 5 did these i hope you

enjoy it . the easy thing was the writing and the hard thing was trying to think

of all the things to say my next step is make a video about it.

I Am Poem

I am Tahlya
I am helpful and kind
I wonder if  i will ever see my step dad again
I hear  my name in the wind
I see my future
I want to be a super star
I am  Tahlya

I pretend that I am batman
I feel like i have powers
I touch my family's heart
I worry about my family when they are sick
I cry about my brother passing away
I am Tahlya

I understand that the closest people to me can pass away
I say that everyone can good great in anything
I dream to see my family that passed away
I try to always be good
I hope that i have a great future
I am Tahlya