Friday, 7 December 2018

2018 Reflection In Room 6

This is my 2018 Reflection in room 5 and Room 6 This has Been a Amazing Year And ive really enjoyed Working with everyone in Both Of  Classes And Espeacialy My Teachers The easy thing was what i work done and the hard thing was Looking Back thorough out the whole year to find all the Information For it Because its Been a Awesome year with Both of the Classes Next step is to My Make it even Bigger and Better Bye till next time blog you later

Monday, 3 December 2018

Raft Making For our Raft Races

 Last Week In our School We have Been Foucusing On Buoyancy And to test that We are making Rafts the Instructions were that you had to be in a group of 4 and it had to Float And Because we are going to the Collage  Pool we can only use Clean Woods like Bamboo and our Turned out Really well and all the other groups well Mostly there Broke If you would liketo see the other Peoples Blogs that helped me with it there Blog Address is

Wisteria Carrow

One Day A Auction Was  Happening  on Smith Street  In the Town  of Monganui And Tons Of People had Arived  But there was one  Person That was Most Interested In Buying things at the Auction   And his name was Matt And he was a Milion air With tons of cash that he could Buy Everything There was at the Auction So he looked Around and couldnt Find anything he wanted Until he saw something that he though couldnt be real So he made sure No one was looking and went Around the Corner that he saw the Object But it wasn't there  20 Years Latter after Matt had seen the Object he had a Son and his name was Tom One day when Toms Parents were out he was busy cleaning his Room he was hanging his Jackets up and he saw that there was water  all over the Floor  so he Looked for what was causing all the water coming out of the Closet  and he couldnt Belive his eyes it was Coming out of a Panting  when Tom went and grabed a towel to wipe the water up his whole room was Flooded  \About 10 Minutes Later When Matt got home Tom told his father Matt  But as Soon as Matt walked in the Room  It was gone Again ....