Monday, 29 October 2018


One day a diver saw something strange some type of Creature So we Swam over to see what he had Discovered But then the Creature Disappeared   So the Diver Followed were the Creature Swam and Suddenly When he swam though it felt like he was in a different world and in fact he was he had to make sure it was real so he swam back up to the Surface to Ask his other Diver To come with him to See if what he saw was real But when he tried to Find it again it had Vanished Before his Eyes So the next day ....

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Moari Puzzle

This is my Moari Puzzle the trick is you have to be blind folded when you do it and you and your partner have to say the Directions in Moari and they say it  to you It was really hard and Weird my next step it to do Different Directions

Friday, 19 October 2018

Reading Bouyancy

Hi everyone  Its Tahlya and this is my Second Blog Post for this week and its about Bouyancy i hope you guys enjoy Bye

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Spelling Term 4

This is my Spelling That we get every Monday and this weeks one was1. Find 20 words that have this spelling pattern in them. Put these words into alphabetical order.
2. Dictation
I hope you guys injoy Blog you latter


One Day A man named Tomas Was Wondering what to do  The next day when he got home from a hard days work he was Exhausted so he Went inside and fell asleep on the couch About a  few hours after  he woke up his fingers started Feeling strange like he could do strange things and he was very Curious so he picked up a wooden chair that he was  ... When he picked it up he didn't have to because it was floating above him Suddenly all of the chairs in is house started floating Then he Realiesed  What he could do with his new Powers he wondered if he could pick anything else up so he tried because he was very Curious what he could  do so he tried and he was astonished he felt like he was the Luckiest man alive and it turned out he was

The end i hope you enjoyed my Story the easy thing was Writting it because it was really fun the hard thing was Trying to find a Awesome picture And i dont have a next step if you would like to see the site i got the picture it is called and you can find a picture for your birthday or you can just pick a ramdom Picture i hope you enjoy it Blog you later

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

My Te Reo Selfie

Thisis my Te Reo Selfie that we have been doing in class for the last 2-3 weeks and it was pretty fun to do but hard because i cant speak in moari that good so i ope yous enjoy Blog you later Bye