Monday, 29 October 2018


One day a diver saw something strange some type of Creature So we Swam over to see what he had Discovered But then the Creature Disappeared   So the Diver Followed were the Creature Swam and Suddenly When he swam though it felt like he was in a different world and in fact he was he had to make sure it was real so he swam back up to the Surface to Ask his other Diver To come with him to See if what he saw was real But when he tried to Find it again it had Vanished Before his Eyes So the next day ....

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  1. Hi Tahlya i'm Mark from St Patrick's Greymouth and this is a good piece of writing and it created an image in my mind like that picture you have got on there.. but maybe next time you could explain what you had to do for that writing but other from that good job. :)