Friday, 6 December 2019

Summer Learning Journey

The task was to interview three friends and ask them what they are most proud of. It could be something that they, or someone in their family, have accomplished. I found it on the site and I scrolled under the activity 2. I learnt what my friends are most proud of.I would make this presentation a bit more not plain if I had more time.

End Of Year Reflection

The Day in the Life of A Iron Nail

Dear Diary, iron Nail here. Today I arrived in New Zealand after a long voyage across the Pacific Ocean on the Endeavour, which was led by the great Captain Cook. After a while, when we got settled, I heard little children playing outside the  great ship and I heard men having a karakia outside on the sand. All the warriors travelled from the island to the great ship, the Endeavour. They have been given a lot of items including me and my family. We, the iron nails, have been traded for food and we were soon taken off the ship and heading to a new, strange land. Suddenly, the trading went wrong when they were exchanging the iron nails for a dog cloak. The maori people jumped off the great ship, dropped into their waka and paddled away to the shore they ran as fast as they could, trying to escape the dreadful sound ringing in their ears.  I don’t know my fate, but know we will be put to good use some day.

A Few weeks ago but i am really late on this But we have been focusing on Tuia 250 and we have a all these cards and everyone in our class got one and we had to write about it and i got a Iron Nail
So i hope you enjoy

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Summer Learning Journey Activitys

Summer Learning Journey Activitys - Sports and Leisure Activity
This is  Day 2 Activity 1 And we had to pick out of 3 activity and me and my friends picked this one so i hope you enjoy