Monday, 25 February 2019

The City In the Clouds

Welcome to My blog This  Monday  and Every Monday i will be  Writing a Blog Post called Free Writing. We get To Write About Any thing This is My Free Writing For This Week this Piece of Writing is Called The City In the Clouds ...

One Day a Boy Named Tom Was Wondering around his grandfathers Old house Trying to Find Something Well all the Adults were Fixing up the house That was going to Be Set up for a 90s Party happening in 2 Days Tom Was only 7 Years old and he wanted something to Play with So he Went into a Room at the Back of his grandfathers house And went into a Room that he never Been in Before Its Was a Secret Room that no one had ever been in Before he went into the Room and Found a Strange Room So he Thought he Should Open it When he Opened the door he Saw a City above The Coulds it Looked Like no one Was There so he took a Look around And Suddenly A Egal Flew Right In front of him It Looked Very Angry Tom Was to Scared To Look  at it So he Ran Back though the Door And out of the Secret Room And went to Sleep that night all he could think about was That egeal so the next day tom Tried to Find The Secret Room With the  Secret Door And he Did again But this Time The Door Opened and the City above the Clouds Was gone and the door just lead into the other Room So he Went back to his Room Went Back to Sleep  20 Year later Tom was 27 and he has always Regretted Runing out of the Secret Room