Friday, 9 February 2018

My I am Poem

This is my i am poem today we my class room 6 and 5 did these i hope you

enjoy it . the easy thing was the writing and the hard thing was trying to think

of all the things to say my next step is make a video about it.

I Am Poem

I am Tahlya
I am helpful and kind
I wonder if  i will ever see my step dad again
I hear  my name in the wind
I see my future
I want to be a super star
I am  Tahlya

I pretend that I am batman
I feel like i have powers
I touch my family's heart
I worry about my family when they are sick
I cry about my brother passing away
I am Tahlya

I understand that the closest people to me can pass away
I say that everyone can good great in anything
I dream to see my family that passed away
I try to always be good
I hope that i have a great future
I am Tahlya

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