Friday, 2 March 2018


This is my Kawa Of Care it was made by me and my Friend Tunisia if you would like to check out her blog her address is   it is about keep food and drink away from your Chrome Book  or it wont  work any more the easy thing was making it and there was no hard thing my next step is to make it bigger and thats it for today BYE everyone


  1. Hi,Tahlyah

    I love how you made heaps of different things about computer safety, but next time you could make an example like when you say don't leave your chrome book alone you could make a video of you leaving the chrome book alone and show the outcome.



  2. Thanks Nicole for commenting on my blog post

  3. Hi Tahlya, it's Pyper here from St Patrick's School in Greymouth. Your google drawing about the Kawa of care is AMAZING! It's really easy to read, has loads of great pictures and it set out really nicely. But maybe next time you could revise and edit because in the orange box it says: Don't leave your cromebook unsupervised we u. In stead of saying we u. You could try and say when you.

  4. Hi Tahlya,
    Im Anna from St Patrick's school... and this google drawing for the Kawa of care is Awesome! its got good pictures to tell you what not to do,and really good information. If you wanna check out my blog just click my name :) great work!