Friday, 9 March 2018


This is my shark fact file me and my class did it last week
the point was to know a little bit about them the hard thing
was to get all the question in the right order because my teacher
kept rubbing them off the board the easy thing was actually
most of it.  My next step is to make it bigger and not just 6
question but to do 8 instead. See you guys later bye for now.

Facts into paragraphs- Sharks

In all, oceans except for the arctictartic  we're it is too cold for sharks . Sharks don't like the cold much at all  there are also 250 different species of Sharks but there is only 30 sharks that kill humans .Some of them also still look the same as they live  160 Million years ago .They are identified by their dorsal fin, two rows of teeth ,their large black eyes and their sleek shape. Sharks are almost any size from 15centemerers to 15 meters . The Shark almost eats any animal it can find in the water including its own species .It's has great eyesight in the water too and amazing smell in the water .


  1. what good interesting paragraphs there Tahlya maybe next time put more detail and maybe do like a google drawing so u can put photos of sharks check out my blog lol

  2. Hi my name is Ryan i go to st patricks primary in greymouth i like how you stated the fact well. i never knew that sharks can be from 15cm to 15m long and they have great eyesight and smell.